Well, here I am, writing a BLOG, which I’ve been thinking about launching daily since a disastrously failed attempt at one in 2009. (To be clear, it was disastrous because of my own disgraceful procrastination posting anything ON the blog, and therefore subsequent timely death of the site from being un-utilized and untended). RIP little former blog from 2009. You were lovely while you lasted in your five little posts.

My only promise to this particular blog: it shall live. Poorly, greatly, indifferently. It shall stay alive!

Alright! Now that that’s off my chest…in starting this blog…it got me thinking, well, why write a blog? And what I came up with was merely the fact that it allotted me a wee bit of space to devote to all the things I love and adore, a space to jot down my thoughts as they come, and a space to record my (mostly) inelegant life experiences. Just like the tender song from that musical THE ACT which no one’s ever seen but any female who majored in Musical Theatre will have at some point had an inescapable earworm of…“I don’t need much…Just my own Spaaaace…a little time with my own thoughts in my own Spaaaace…”

It would be my own little Personal Happy Place* (but you get to share in it, too, if you feel like it!)

So, what is my Personal Happy Place? What are the things I love most? (Besides my husband, family, dogs, and all that jazz.)

  1. Bubbles! (All kinds, but mostly the Champagne** type). Not only bubbly-I love everything about wine: learning about wine, but mostly drinking wine. (Duh.) There will be a lot of posting about bubbly and wine. And some reviews as well. 
  2. Beautiful Things! Be they of the natural sort: fresh yellow flowers on the kitchen table, the view of tiny sail boats docked on the glimmering water from our apartment deck, traipsing through the vines in Sonoma Valley…or (gah, I’ll admit it) I’m totally a sucker for the “unnatural” sort of beauty too: a new mascara from Sephora, a sparkly pink bath bomb from Lush, a good sale on Jbrand jeans from Bloomies, and the overpowering smell of an over-priced candle from Anthropologie.
  3. Being-well! Gut-health, living sugar & wheat-free, yoga + barre, meditation, and a journey to clean beauty! 

Don’t Burst My Bubble! is a place for all things delight-filled, bubbly, pink, sweet, silly (and maybe a wee bit sassy.) So, open a bottle of bubbly-yes, just for you! (They do make splits you know!) Or hey-open a full one-no one’s judging! And get reading.

*Side note: we should really start a hashtag utilizing this “Personal Happy Place” thing…#PHP! A #PHP is a wonderful thing to have in your corner. You can whip out your #PHP at any time and show the world who’s boss! For example: dog poo on your shoe? No sweat! Go straight to your #PHP! Had a tiff with your husband’s cat? Shut the bedroom door and find your #PHP! Backed your car into a pole while trying to parallel park in the dark before Yoga class? Well, crap…that sucks…SO GO IMMEDIATELY TO YOUR #PHP! No one can take away your #PHP (unless the internet breaks and this site goes down). Even then, your #PHP will rest in peace in your heart, because that’s REALLY where it lies. All hail the #PHP.***

**Full disclosure: I produce my very own Sparkling Wine! Check it out here.

***My computer-savvy-software-programming-husband just totally burst my bubble and informed me that PHP is a programming language. But I love him anyway.

Let’s go with #PersonalHappyPlace.




4 thoughts on “ABOUT!”

  1. Lexi!!!
    Your thoughts (and your bubbles) shall not be burst,
    You’ll feverishly write, feeling best, feeling worst!
    We’ll eagerly read every word that you post,
    While sipping our favorite — Lexi’s Toast!!!



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Bubbles, Beautiful Things, & Being Well.