The Monthly 9: Travel Edition

POP, FIZZ, CLINK! We are off in 3-2-1 for our Honeymoon to France!

I thought it only appropriate to do a travel edition for the month of May, in honor of our upcoming Honeymoon (which I’ve proclaimed a “Vino-moon” since we are mainly wine-exploring.)

Here are my top travel-themed picks. Since we are going to Paris, Champagne, and Bordeaux, the weather isn’t exactly predictable this time of year. So I’m packing an array of items that will hopefully get me through the 50/60 degree weather with slight chances of rain, daily explorations, dinners, and most importantly…chilly underground Champagne caves and most importantly: wine tastings!

  1. Pranayama Wrap: This might be the softest sweater I’ve ever been wrapped up in. It’s made from super-soft French terry, is sustainable (produced from European beechwood trees-go figure), and is the perfect travel wrap! (Or wear it to yoga…and then to brunch!)
  2. Convertible Backpack/Purse: I’ve been searching for just the right day bag to carry along on our adventures. In my handbag dreams, a backpack would somehow magically convert into a purse for evening. And finding such a pack proved harder than I thought. Then I came along this little leather sack on Amazon, which fit the bill perfectly! It’s compact and light, but just big enough for our camera and essentials, and is adorable as a purse OR a day pack. What a find!
  3. Pink Rain Slicker: Tut tut! It looks like rain! This pink color couldn’t be rosier for a blustery day…and it fits into a mini pouch attached at the sleeve. Perfect for throwing in your day pack or purse in case of a sudden downpour.
  4. The Widow Cilcquot: To get even more excited about our trip, I’m re-reading The Widow Clicquot, an inspiring glimpse into the life of the widow who single handedly changed the face of Champagne as we know it today. I can’t believe we’ll be walking those famous grounds in just two weeks!
  5. Boat Shoes: Cute, compact, and so unbelievably lightweight, these are my absolute favorite shoes to pack for a pedestrian friendly trip. They come in a bunch of colors and often go on sale. Scoop ’em up!
  6. Cork Notebook: For keeping wine notes.
  7. Sephora Travel Tubes: These antibacterial travel tubes are simply awesome! They are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and spill-proof.
  8. RFID-blocking Technology Wallet: I found this cute RFID blocking wallet at Kohl’s, where we can shield our cards and passports. They also make one that has a back up phone charger inside the wallet.
  9. Supergoop SPF Setting Mist: I love this SPF spray (travel sized!). It’s (a) totally refreshing (hints of mint and rosemary); (b) helps keep your makeup on all day; and of course (c) provides fabulous sun protection with SPF 50!

Cheers! Now I’m off to catch a plane. Hope you’ll have the chance to travel this summer. Leave a comment to let me in on your favorite travel accessories!

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