These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We’re getting excited as Valenwine‘s Day grows closer…errr…I mean, Valentines!

In lieu of individual gifts, my husband and I are going in on a gift together…a wedding album! (Finally.) However, I’m still expecting a card, some flowers, and some bubbly.

(Hint, hint, husband.)

Here’s our top Valentine’s Day gift picks, for the loved ones in your life, below:


1. Yes, real men indeed wear pink. Loving this silk dot tie!

2. For those that don’t imbibe: Strawberries & Champagne Lollipops!

3. This pretty Silk Pillowcase promises to do all sorts of magical things for you. Better skin and hair while you sleep? And machine-washable? Yes, please!

4. Use this mini bottle of bubbly as a keychain, or just hook it on your purse for a daily dose of sparkle.

5. One of my most favorite things on the planet is husband bringing me some sweet yellow flowers (I’m not really a rose kinda gal)…and a bottle of bubbly! Get ours, here.

6. For the kiddos in your life: sweet flower cookie cutters!

7. My husband and I are gifting ourselves this beautiful Layflat Photo Album with our favorite wedding photos. After some extensive research, we landed on Artifact Uprising. Sometimes they have 10% off codes right around holidays if you get on their mailing list! I like this company for a couple reasons: they use sustainable paper, recycled fibers, and provide jobs for adults with disabilities. Check them out!

8. It’s always the right time for…Champagne! And it’s definitely time for this adorable bubbly watch.

9. Well, this couldn’t be a sweeter gift package: Sugarfina bubbly “wine” candies, complete with a set of Champagne glasses? We’ll toast to that!


P.S. Except for our Sparkling Wine, we here at Lexy’s Toast are not affiliated with any products listed here; we just covet them. 😉 

P.P.S. Cover Photo by Melania Mahoney Photography.