The Best Brunch Ever (Every Week.)


How I love thee. Brunch and brunching might be among my top-5 favorite things on the planet. Here’s to the ladies who brunch! What’s not to love about a lazy weekend tradition of a combination breakfast/lunch (but let’s face it: mostly breakfast) in which we luxuriate over all things eggy? After staying up a bit later than usual on Saturday night, one likes to sleep in a bit, and no one wants to miss breakfast (or the chance of bottomless mimosas)! So thank heavens for late-morning brunch!

This glorious weekend tradition originated in England in the late 19th century and was aptly proclaimed “brunch” in a 1895 Hunter’s Weekly article by Guy Beringer where he states “Brunch is cheerful, sociable, and inciting…talk-compelling. It puts you in good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.”

I highly agree with all of these sentiments.

Brunch then became popular in America in the 1930s. People were looking for a new “social scene” outside of church, as attendance was low after the 1st World War. Hotels began providing “brunch” as many restaurants were (shock!) closed on Sundays. Restaurants eventually caught wind of this and began providing brunch (and morning libations). And thus…the tradition of Sunday Brunch was born. (YAY!)

My only caveat with brunch (yes there is ONE tiny caveat) is that along with this delightful and enticing eggy goodness comes a great cost: the cost of “fancy” eggs. Like Anthony Bourdain rails about in his book: it’s hard to knowingly fork over $15 for eggs and potatoes. He describes it a “horribly, cynical way of unloading leftovers and charging three times as much as you ordinarily charge for breakfast.”

So instead of trekking to our favorite San Francisco brunch joints, my husband and I made the decision early in our relationship to create our own lavish weekend brunches. Sunday has since become our leisurely cook-brunch-at-home day…and it couldn’t be more tasty! (And inexpensive!) One of our favorite (and easy) recipes is below. It’s gluten-free, sugar-free, and oh so darn darn delicious paired with a lovely Sparkling Wine. (Bottomless, because bubbly always happens be in our refrigerator.)

So put on some Sunday Brunch Radio (yes, this exists on iTunes) and start cookin’!

Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese and Chives:



Ingredients for 2 servings:
– 4-6 eggs
– Chives (we grow these in our mini herb garden.)
– Goat Cheese
– Gluten-free English muffins
– Butter

Prep chives. Pre-heat non-stick pan. Whisk eggs together. Melt 1 tbs. butter. Add eggs. Pop muffins in toaster. My husband insists this is the only way to scramble eggs anymore, continuously stirring to give them that “French” fluffy look. Add goat cheese (to your liking – I like a LOT). Cook to desired level of done. Top buttered muffins with eggs.


And don’t forget to concoct your own bottomless mimosas…in the comfort of your own home!

We humbly suggest Lexy’s Toast Brut Rosé…with a teeny splash of grapefruit juice. (Need we say more?)





Full disclosure: We here at Lexy’s Toast produce Lexy’s Toast Wines Sparkling Rosé.